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    Specializing in plastic product and injection mould design and manufacture .We use the world advanced 3D design software CAD,CAE,CAM 
    the mould process production to establish a huge database of the standard mould.In strict accordance with national and international standards for design and development,We had development and design with many years of accumulated experience,providing customers with high quality molds and products.All of our mould steel have certificate with longer mould life,mould produced by advanced equipment, the tolerance can reach +-0.01mm, the molded product have good appearance without any flash  and good fit with other products.

    Mould FAQ

    Q.What are the differences between extrusion and injection moldinding ?
    A: Extrusion is done by pushing a pliable material (naturally or through heat) through a die (essentially a cut-out, simple or complex, in a solid material) so that lengths of the material take the form of the die. It can then be heat treated, cold worked, or cut as needed.
       Injection molding begins with a mold (the three-dimensional form desired). Liquid silicone rubber or thermopalstics and thermosetting polymers, often in the form of pellets, are meltal and injected into the hollow space of the mold. Additionally, another mold may be inserted into the liquid to create hollow space and/or textures after cooling.